Committee Charge


(Revised charge approved by Faculty Assembly Spring 2016)

I. Nature of Committee

A. Charge/Mission - To help ensure computing and information technologies and services meet the teaching, learning, and research needs of faculty and students. To       facilitate communication between, the Office of Information Technology and E-communication Services and all constituencies at Berry College, including faculty, staff, students and administrators. To advise OIT/E-communications Services on campus IT needs and priorities, to help the College anticipate and plan for future IT needs, and to help align IT strategy with administrative and academic objectives, in service to and advancement of the mission of the College.

B. Reporting Lines – reports to Provost

C. Meeting Times – generally meets monthly during the academic year.

II. General Composition of Committee

One faculty representative from each school, one representative from Faculty Assembly, one professional librarian, two student representatives to be selected by SGA; ex officio are president, provost, vice-president for finance, chief information officer, director of Network Operations, director of E-communication Services, and director of the library.


Daniel Sipocz (FA 2018-2020), Chair

Chang Pu (CSEHS 2019-2021)

Basil Englis (CSOB 2019-2021)

Zach Taylor (SMNS 2019-2021)

Matthew Lee (HASS) (2018-2020)

Daniel Boyd, ex officio

Paul Hoagland, ex officio

Mary Boyd, ex officio

Stephen Briggs, ex officio

Brian Erb, ex officio

Penny Evans-Plants, ex officio

Sherre Harrington, ex officio

Tom Hocut, ex officio

Cameron Jordan, ex officio

David Slade, ex officio

Jeremy Worsham, ex officio


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