Common Questions

I no longer have access to VikingWeb. Who do I contact?

Students retain access to VikingWeb for two years after leaving Berry College. If you have recently left Berry College and have issues logging into VikingWeb, please contact the Technical Support Desk with your full name, graduation year (or years attended).

I forgot my ID number. Who do I contact?

Alumni should email Mr. Justin Karch in the Office of Advancement at with your full name, date of birth, graduation year (or years attended) and college major to obtain a forgotten ID number.

I do not have a VikingWeb account. Where can I request a transcript?

If you graduated prior to 2002, you may place your order on-line. The web site address follows: Complete the information needed and pay with a credit card. It is that easy! Requests by phone or by e-mail are not accepted.

Where can I find additional alumni resources?

The Alumni Relations site has a FAQ page with answers to common questions. If you need additional assistance please email or call 706-236-2256 or 800-782-0130  





Berry College Technical Support Desk Contact Info
Phone: 706-238-5838