VikingWeb is Berry College’s web-based comprehensive web portal - a one-stop destination for many campus resources. The three components that are most commonly used by faculty include: the Learning Management System (LMS), Advising Resources, and Faculty Course Control. Via the connection with Berry's administrative database, VikingWeb will populate student and faculty accounts with their courses, schedules, descriptions and class lists. Listed below are the benefits and features of VikingWeb and the Learning Management System (LMS), an integral component of VikingWeb:


      • Community and personal calendar

      • Announcements

      • Bulletin Boards

      • Campus Groups

      • Targeting - sending a message to certain constituency groups

      • Forums (discussion threads)

      • Automatic population of accounts with the correct course schedules, course descriptions, and enrolled students via an application program interface (API).

      • Enhanced Handout and Web Link features including easily manageable storage areas (known as Banks) for quick retrieval of previously used files or URLs.

      • Ability to quickly email a class list, group list or individual students.

      • Copy Materials feature allows course materials to be easily transferred from one course to another to avoid duplicate work.

      • Online testing with an integrated and automated online grade book.

      • All test questions are saved in an easy to manage Question Bank for quick retrieval and import into current and future tests and quizzes.

      • Attendance tracking.


      • Backend integration with the Jenzabar EX Database enabling access to vital student information.

      • VikingWeb can supplement teaching through enhanced communication.

      • Enables Berry to provide students with the learning tools they expect.

      • Enables students to access class lecture notes and get assignments online 24/7.

      • Enhances communication between students and faculty within a course.

      • Saves departments from the expenses associated with copying and printing thousands of syllabi and other course handouts.

      • Automatically organizes student and faculty course materials and assignments.

      • Offers faculty the ability to share any type of multimedia file with students.

The student population at Berry includes:

2,123 Undergraduate
122 Graduate 
67.8 percent from Georgia
37 states 
11 foreign countries