Common Questions

How do I apply to Berry?

If you would like to submit an application, please click here. If you would like to know more about Berry College, visit our main Office of Admission web page Admissions.

 I just completed my online application. What can I expect next?

If you applied to Berry using the Berry application for admission, you can log into your MyBerry Student Portal using the email address that you used to begin your application.

If you applied to Berry using the Common Application, you will receive an email with instructions to set up your MyBerry Student Portal using the email address that you used on the Common Application

How can I view my admissions status and folder items?

After logging in to your MyBerry Student Portal, select the Admissions tab and navigate to the Application section. You will be able to view the progress of your application and any missing items. If your application is complete, you will be able to view your admission status (whether your application is being reviewed or any decision that has been made).

How do I log into VikingWeb?

As a prospective student, your starting point should always be the MyBerry Student Portal. VikingWeb is a system used by currently enrolled students, faculty and staff, whereas the MyBerry system is specifically geared toward prospective students to move through the application and admissions process. You won’t start using VikingWeb until it’s time for orientation – and don’t worry, we’ll send you all the information you need when it’s time!

That being said, you can log in to VikingWeb using your user name and password that you use for MyBerry, or if you’ve received a Berry email address, you can use the credentials associated with that account

How do I receive a VikingWeb password?

Berry uses a single sign-on (SSO) authentication process for each of our systems, meaning that your user name and password from one system, like the MyBerry Student Portal, can be used on another system, like VikingWeb. As a prospective student, you should be able to log in to VikingWeb using the same user name and password that you use for MyBerry. If you’re logged in to MyBerry and you select links for Financial Aid, Enrollment Forms, and many other enrollment-related processes, you’ll be logged in to any new system automatically so you won’t need a separate user name and password. This is a lot of IT speak, but the short version is that your transition from one process to another should be so seamless that you probably won’t know that you’ve moved into a different system.

When do I receive my Berry email address?

You will receive your Berry email account a few weeks prior to attending your orientation session, known as SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration). Instructions for your Berry email will be sent to the email address that is on file with the Office of Admission, so make sure you’re checking that email regularly.

After you receive your Berry email, it will become the new official email on record for all college communications. You’ll be able to use this email address and password for all of the student systems like VikingWeb and financial aid, with the exception of MyBerry, which only uses your personal email address. The Office of Admission may still send communications to your personal email account or your Berry account (usually both!), but other college offices will use your Berry email – so it’s important to check it regularly too!

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please email for assistance.

Berry College Technical Support Desk Contact Info
Phone: 706-238-5838