Committee Charge

I.                   Nature of Committee

A.     Charge/Mission – To provide an open forum for committee members to communicate information pertaining to major events occurring on campus.  Committee members are charged with reserving facilities in EMS and making sure all major events in their area are posted on the Berry College calendar.

B.     Reporting Lines –  N/A

C.     Meeting Times – 1 time per semester (including summer semester) or 3 times in an academic year

II.                General Composition of Committee

A.     Staff representatives from all four schools on campus, on-campus event planners and facility managers, and the campus scheduling coordinator.  This group also includes staff representatives from the Berry Elementary School and WinShape Retreat. 

III.             Minutes – On file with Kathy Ray

IV.              Web Location –   (EMS calendar view mode)


Committee Members

Jonathan Baggett, Campus Safety

Jennifer Beard, Alumni Relations
Debra Belvin, BCEMS 

Betty Bergen, WinShape Retreat

Jonathan Bopp, Physical Plant

, Career Center 
Cheryl Bretz, Advancement 
Tim Brown,  Oak Hill & the Martha Berry Museum

Milton Chambers, Alumni Development

Cecily Crow, Student Activities 
Kerrie Dalrymple, Student Activities
Kathy Gann, CSEHS
Lydia Gordon, Student Activities
Rita Hopper, CSOB
Jenny Kleine, Memorial Library 

Diane Land, ESHASS

Madalyn McLeod, Business and Finance

Joan McPherson Blose, BCEMS 
Melanie Miller, SMNS
Erin Moniz, Chaplain's Office 

Laura Phillips, Student Affairs

Kathy Ray, co-chair

Noreen Salmon, Provost Office

Helen Simmons, Scheduling Coordinator

Kay Sims, Fine Arts-Music Dept.

Alice Stevens, Oak Hill 

Alan Storey, co-chair

Kinsey Stout, Admissions
Derek Taylor, Cage 

Scott Wallace, co-chair

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