Committee Members

Stephen Briggs, chair
Susan Conradsen (CSEHS 2012-2014)
John Graham (SMNS 2012-2014)
Andrew Bressette, ex officio
Debbie Heida, ex officio
Jeanne Mathews, ex officio
Kathy Richardson, ex officio
Alexander Whitaker, ex officio

Committee Charge

Shatto Lectureship Series Committee

I.  Nature of Committee

A.  Charge/Mission - The purpose of the Shatto Lectureship Series Committee is to select speakers for the annual lecture and coordinate the event.

            B.  Reporting Lines - Reports to President

            C.  Meeting Times - At least once per semester

II. General Composition of Committee


            President of the College is chair; however, the Provost fills this position in his absence.  There is a faculty member appointed from each school and two students appointed by SGA; president, provost, and chief of staff are ex officio.

III. Minutes - None are kept

IV. Web Link - Berry College Calendar of Events, on Berry College web page.

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