Committee Members

Renee Carleton (SMNS 2012-2015) Biology, chair
Jay Daniel (SMNS 2012-2015), Animal Science
Michelle Haney (CSEHS) Fall 2013
Julie Pynn (CSEHS) Spring 2014
Tina Bucher (ESHASS 2013-2014)
Andrew Bressette, ex officio 
Donna Davin, ex officio
Martin Goldberg, ex officio
Dan Pate (external)

Committee Charge

Nature of Committee

Charge/Mission - The committee reviews and approves all research and teaching activities, with or without external funding, that involve experimental intervention with vertebrate animals prior to the beginning of the activities.

Reporting Lines - Director of Faculty Research; Associate Provost

Meeting Times - Once per month during the academic year

General Composition of Committee

Committee members are appointed by the Provost, and shall be one faculty member from each of the departments of animal science, biology, psychology, and religion and philosophy, and one member of the community who has no connections to Berry College.  The college veterinarian; the Director of Faculty Research, and the Provost serve as ex officio.


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