Description/Charge to the Committee

Charge to the Educational Land Management Committee

Berry aspires to use its campus as a sustainable place for educational, scholarly, recreational and cultural growth. Wise stewardship of Berry’s land in support of this aspiration necessitates careful planning and open communication among those who have expertise in each of these areas. In particular, as educational, research, cultural, and recreational activities that involve the land expand, a representative group needs to meet regularly to guide and coordinate the process by which specific areas are approved and safeguarded for specified time periods for these designated uses and to ensure that such use is compatible with other designated and approved uses of campus lands. Therefore, the Educational Land Management Committee is being reconstituted and charged with support of this effort.

To support these ends, the committee will be composed of the following members:

 Renee' Carleton, Biology Department, ELM chair

 Two faculty members appointed by the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

               Martin Cipollini; George Gallagher

 One faculty member appointed by the Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Science

                Brian Campbell

  One faculty member elected by Faculty Assembly

                Sunday Peters

 Eddie Elsberry, Director of Agricultural Operations and Sustainability

 Mark Hopkins, Director of Physical Plant

 Billy Yeomans, Director of Land Management

 Rufus Massey, Dean of Student Work

 Jonathan Baggett, Director of Campus Safety

 Michael McElveen, Director of Recreation

 One member appointed by Vice president for Student Affairs (McElveen)

  Brian Erb, Vice President for Finance, ex officio

  Mary Boyd, Provost, ex officio

 Two SGA representatives 


The ELM Committee is charged with the following objectives:

1)      Foster the use of Berry’s land for approved research, educational, cultural and recreational projects by initiating and maintaining a clear, timely, accessible and fair application, review and approval process. The process should be reviewed annually to ensure that it complies with best practice.

2)      Develop and maintain appropriate processes for registering and safeguarding approved sites. Once approval is granted, the committee should communicate with and cooperate with appropriate campus departments to ensure that the site is protected from other uses throughout the duration of the approved project.  A report for each site must be submitted for review annually by its sponsors regarding the status of the project. 

3)      Areas designated for use sites before 2013 should be identified and documented by the committee as soon as possible, and site sponsors should provide regular reports regarding the status, duration and continuing purpose of the project.

4)      Develop and maintain guidelines for closing a project for cause or because of surpassing college priorities.

5)      Develop and maintain appropriate means of communicating the procedures and work of the committee with the campus community.

Committee Members


Renee' Carleton (SMNS), chair

Brian Campbell (ESHASS)

Martin Cipollini (SMNS)

Eddie Elsberry, ex officio

Brian Erb, ex officio

George Gallagher (SMNS)

Rufus Massey (Student Enterprises)

Sunday Peters (FA Representative)

Jonathan Baggett, ex officio

Mark Hopkins, ex officio

Mary Provost, ex officio

Billy Yeomans, ex officio



Meeting Dates

ELM Committee  11 a.m.
Sept. 1, 2015 Feb. 2, 2016
Oct. 6, 2015 Mar. 1, 2016
Nov. 3, 2015 Apr. 5, 2016
Dec. 1, 2015 May 3, 2016 

All meetings take place in the Hermann Hall Boardroom (3rd floor of Hermann Hall) unless you are notified otherwise.

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