Committee Charge

  1. Composition

President, Provost, Vice President for Finance, Chair; Vice President for Enrollment Management, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Vice President of Student Affairs, Chair of Faculty Assembly, past Chair of Faculty Assembly, 1 additional faculty member for each school (current and prior FAC should represent their associated school) selected by FAC, Chair of the Staff Advisory Committee, Past Chair Staff Advisory Committee, Assistant Vice President for Finance, President and Treasurer for Student Government Association.  2-year staggered terms, for faculty and staff representatives. 


  1. Duties
    1. Advise the President’s Cabinet regarding the broad direction of annual budget allocations.
    2. Advise the President’s Cabinet regarding possible savings initiatives or revenue-enhancement initiatives.
    3. Advise the President’s Cabinet regarding budgeting processes and procedures in a manner designed to maximize efficiency, and fairness – without endangering a balanced budget for the college.
    4. In the execution of the above – mentioned duties, committee members will solicit suggestions from the constituencies they represent.


  1. Powers of the committee members
    1. Committee members will have reasonable access to information regarding revenues and expenses excepting information deemed confidential by the President and VP for Finance.
    2. Committee members will have clear budgetary information from the VP for Finance so they can render meaningful advice.


  1. Education Responsibilities of Members
    1. Education on budgeting and finances is a dual responsibility.  The VP for Finance will educate committee members on the complexities of budgeting and finance; committee members will educate their constituencies regarding these complexities.
    2. Committee members should regularly – at least once a semester – inform their constituencies of critical issues and progress regarding their work/deliberations, as they solicit advice.


  1. Caveats
    1. It is not the objective of this committee to “second-guess” or oppose specific budgetary decisions of the President’s Cabinet.
    2. In no case shall this committee have or exercise “veto power” over any budgetary decision by the President’s Cabinet.
Committee members are advised to exercise discretion in their execution of duties.  If they have any doubts about whether information they have should be conveyed to their constituencies, they should ask the VP for Finance before disclosing such information.

Committee Members

Brian Erb, chair

Stephen Briggs, President

Tommy Carnes (FA REP 2013-2015) 

John Davis, Chair of FacultyAssembly

Nadeem Hamid (FA 2013-2015)

Debbie Heida, Dean of Students
Alan Hughes, (immediate past chair FA)
Bettyann O'Neill, VP Advancement

Kathy Richardson, Provost

Kinsey Stout, chair of Staff Advisory Committee

Gary Waters, VP Enrollment Mgmt.

Alexander Whitaker, Chief of Staff

Monica Willingham, immediate pastchair SAC

Ben Riggs, SGA President

Cassie Hale, SGA Treasurer
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