Course Information

Social Justice in Action(Foundation F3a) (WNS 323)

Term: 2017-2018 Academic Year Summer Semester


WNS 323. Social Justice in Action 3 credit hours
This course is a one week community-base learning immersion course focusing on social activism within an inner city community. It is designed to provide extensive engagement within the community with a focus on integrating theory with application on both a personal and community level. Students will learn about social inequalities, intersectionality theory, causes of social injustices, and will work with local organizations tackling these social issues. In addition, students will apply theories of privilege and systems of inequality to themselves, locating where they fall within the identity variables of race/class/gender/culture and identifying how difference and otherness plays out in their own lives. Students will work closely with people from backgrounds and circumstances different than their own, and will learn how to navigate said differences and create meaningful social change. The courses will take place at severa