Committee Members

Jack Allen, external member

Don Barbour, external member

Alan Bridges, external member

Mike Burnes, Student Work

Kimberly Bushnell, external member

Saba Colakoglu, CSOB

John Denney, external member

Paula Englis, CSOB

John Fervier, external member

John Grout, CSOB

Chris Hannah, external member

Steve Hunter, external member

Mark Kozera, Advancement

Jeanne Mathews, Advancement

Roy Miller, external member

Ashley Painter, external member

Danny Price, In-House Counsel

Brad Reeder, Director of Financial Planning

Wanda Riggs, external member

Casey Smith, external member

Karen Thorpe Truitt, external member

Janet Vaughn, external member

Michael Williams, external member

Harry Wise, external member

Rufus Massey, ex officio

Robin Holt, ex officio

Rhoxie Ellard, Student Rep

Garrett Bennett, Student Rep 


Committee Charge

“To provide advice, support and feedback to the office of student work, student-operated enterprises and career center in support of the nation’s premier student work program.  As needed, members of this committee will be asked to participate in workshops, mock interviews, panels, surveys, events and other activities that support the various departments under the student work umbrella.  Representatives serving on the committee will include staff, faculty, students and external professionals from a variety of disciplines.”

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