Committee Charge

I.  Nature of Committee


            A.  Charge/Mission - The purpose of the Student Publications Board is to provide oversight to student newspaper, yearbook, and literary magazine, while providing budgetary oversight, and selecting the editors and publications manager each year.


            B.  Reporting Lines - None


            C.  Meeting Times - Once a semester, as called by the chair.


II.  General Composition of Committee


            Appointed by Vice-President for Student Affairs.        


III.  Minutes - None are kept


IV.  Web Links

Committee Members

Julie Bumpus, chair

Brian Erb, Business & Finance

Julia Barnes, ESHASS

Jason Peterson, ESHASS

Mark Taylor, ESHASS

Alexander Whitaker, Chief of Staff

Stephen Briggs, ex officio

Debbie Heida, ex officio

Kevin D. Kleine, ex officio

Kathy Richardson, ex officio

Ben Riggs, SGA President

Bailey Powers, Student Rep

Koren Shetter, Student Rep 


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