Committee Charge

I.  Nature of Committee


            A.  Charge/Mission - Decisions of the Judicial Board for Student Conduct may be appealed by either party to the president of the college.  An appeal shall be in writing, delivered to the dean of students, and shall be made within 48 hours of the action being appealed.  This appeal will be heard by one of these panels appointed by the president each fall.


            B.  Reporting Lines - Reports to the President


            C.  Meeting Times - Meet only when an appeal is made.  Appeals are directed to the president and the president requests one of the panels to hear the appeal.


II.  General Composition of Committee


            Appointed by vice-president for student affairs.


III.  Minutes - None are kept

Committee Members

Appeals Panel Members
Tom Kennedy, Dean, ESHASS
Nancy Mercer, CSOB
Tasha Toy, MISP 
Tim Knowlton, ESHASS
Ken Martin, SMNS
Kirsten Taylor, ESHASS
Austin Mansour
Stephanie Tomys
Robby Quarles
Judicial Board Members
Faculty and Staff: 
Kevin D. Kleine, chair
Michael Bailey, ESHASS
Lindsey Davis, SMNS 
Maureen Morgan, Memorial Library
Julie Bumpus, ex officio 
Sam Andereck
Megan Boswell
Michael Howard
Mathew Murphy
Marissa Peace
Kenneth Russ
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