Committee Charge

I.  Nature of Committee


            A.  Charge/Mission - Advise the president and board of trustees regarding long-range, strategic planning or the college.  [F/SH pg. H6]


            B.  Reporting Lines - Reports to the President; representatives (school, faculty assembly) report to respective bodies.


            C.  Meeting Times - Several times per semester


II.  General Composition of Committee


            Director of Institutional Research is chair; two faculty from each school service 2- year staggered terms; one representative from faculty assembly; chair of faculty assembly; ex officio are president, provost, vice-president for student affairs, vice-president for advancement, vice-president for finance, director of   admissions, executive assistant to the president, chief information officer, academic deans, director of public relations, director of multi-cultural student affairs; two students appointed by SGA.


III.  Minutes - Kept by Executive Assistant to president. Distributed to members.


Committee Members

Mary Boyd, chair                               

Basil Englis (CSOB 2020-22)

Matt Levin (CSOB 2020-22)

Scott Breithaupt, Advancement

Garner Cochran (SMNS 2019-2021)

Michael McElveen, Student Affairs

Caitlin Conn (SMNS 2020-22)

Kristin Diliberto, (chair, Faculty Assembly)

Brad Adams (ESHASS 2020-22)

Glenn Getchell, Enrollment Mgmt.

Laurie Chandler, Academic Affairs

Alice Bristow (FA 2020-22)

Mark Howard (CSEHS 2020-22)

Jen Corry (ESHASS 2019-2021)

Tanya Naguszewski (CSEHS 2020-22)

Stephen Briggs, ex officio

Tonya Conway, chair of Staff Advisory Comm.



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