I.   Nature of Committee
     A.  Charge/Mission - The purpose of the Libraries Committee is to review the general operations and policies of the library, with particular emphasis on acquisitions strategies, and to serve as a conduit for communication between the library and its users.
     B.  Reporting Lines - to Provost
     C.  Meeting Times - several times per semester
II.  General Composition of Committee
     One faculty member from each school; one at-large faculty member elected by Faculty Assembly; one professional librarian appointed by Provost; Director of Library and Provost serve as ex officio.
III.  Minutes
Posted on VikingWeb.
IV.  Web Links

Katie Morales (CSEHS 2019-2021)
Belinda Lady (SMNS 2019-2021)
Jeremy Worsham (Mem Lib 2018-2020)
Thema Monroe-White (CSOB 2018-2020), chair
Melissa Mullins (FA Rep 2019-2021)
Vincent Gregoire (ESHASS 2019-2021)
Stephen Briggs, ex officio
Sherre Harrington, ex officio
Mary Boyd, ex officio
Anjali Reddy (Senior)
Rory Glatt (Junior)


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