Committee Charge


I.  Nature of Committee

            A.  Charge/Mission - Oversee operation of the IDS Program, provide advice to the IDS Director, and review individual IDS major applications at the request  of the IDS Director.

            B.  Reporting Lines - Reports to Provost

            C.  Meeting Times - Conducted once each Fall and Spring semester.

II.  General Composition of Committee


            Chair is director of interdisciplinary studies; eight faculty selected by the Provost; provost is ex-officio member.

III.  Minutes - To be decided

IV.  Web Links


Committee Members

John Hickman, ESHASS, chair

Chris Diller (FA REP 2013-2015) 

Nadeem Hamid, SMNS

Michelle Haney, CSEHS

Lauren Heller, CSOB

Brian Jory, CSEHS

Beth Kitts-Morgan, SMNS

Angela Lanier, CSEHS

Jim Watkins, ESHASS

Kathy Richardson, ex officio

Elise Davis (student)

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