Committee Members

Truong Le (FA REP 2018-2020)

Hyunsung “Daniel” Kang (CSOB 2019-2021)

Alan Hughes (CSEHS 2019-2021), co-chair

Samantha Nazione (ESHASS 2018-2020)

Alice Suroviec (SMNS 2018-2020), co-chair

Anna Sharpe, Director of Academic Success Center

Meredith Johnson, Student Affairs

Mary Boyd, ex officio

Bryce Durbin, ex officio

Haley Edmondson (Senior)

Cole Irwin (Junior)


The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) is responsible for facilitating institutional assessment and improvement reporting for academic programs, student support services, and administrative offices.  The IEC will review, on an annual basis, official Institutional Effectiveness (IE) reports from these programs and offices and for each insure that the following is included:

  • clear goals, student learning outcomes, and program outcomes, appropriate to the mission of the program or office;
  • ongoing assessments, both direct and indirect, designed to provide meaningful data that will be used to drive program improvement; and
  • evidence that the results of the assessments are being used to improve student learning and unit efficiency.

In addition, the IEC will facilitate faculty and staff training in Institutional Effectiveness Reporting and will work to manage staff turnover in order to maintain continuity of the IE process on campus

At the end of each academic year, the IEC will produce a report containing a summary of the IE plans reviewed that year, the most common challenges faced by the programs and offices, and any recommendations for refining the IEC role in the overall Institutional Effectiveness reporting process. Members of the IEC committee will work with departments and programs that do not adequately document the three key components to ensure changes are made either in structure or in reporting so that all programs appropriately document the appropriate criteria. 

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