Committee Charge

I.  Nature of Committee


            A.  Charge/Mission - The purpose of the Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee is to advise the vice-president for finance and the president on the appropriateness and effectiveness of all fringe benefits programs offered and to maintain a high level of satisfaction of the faculty and staff through extensive evaluation, consideration, and communication of applicable fringe benefits packages.  Chief among fringe benefits are health insurance, disability, and retirement benefits.


            B.  Reporting Lines -Reports to vice-president for finance and to president


            C.  Meeting Times - 2-3 times per year


II.  General Composition of Committee


            Vice-president for Finance and representative from Faculty Assembly are co-chairs.  One faculty member from each school; three members of the staff appointed by the vice-president for Finance. President and Provost are ex officio.


III.  Minutes to be sent by faculty co-chair to Intranet.

Committee Members


Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee

Brian Erb, Business & Finance, co-chair

Julia Barnes (FA REP 2015-2017)

Jerry Jennings (CSEHS 2015-2017)

Nathan Lambert, ESHASS (2015-2017)

Cindy Marchant (Staff)

Nancy Mercer (Staff)

Judy Wilson (SMNS 2016-2018)

Stephen Briggs, ex officio

Andrew Bressette, ex officio

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