Committee Members

Casey Dexter (FA Rep. 2018-2020), Chair
Jill Cochran (MNS 2018-2020), Past Chair
Lindsay Davis (MNS 2017-2019)
Hyunsung "Daniel" Kang (CSOB2018-2020)
Rebecca Logan (CSEHS 2018-2020)
Brian Meehan (CSOB 2018-2020)
Thom Ratkos (CSEHA 2018-2020)
Matt Stanard (ESHASS 2017-2019)
Virginia Troy (ESHASS 2018-2020)
Michael Bailey, ex officio (FA Vice-Chair)
Stephen Briggs, ex officio
Mary Boyd, ex officio
Donna Davin, ex officio

Committee Charge

Nature of Committee

A. Charge/Mission

· The Faculty Development Committee evaluates applications for faculty development grants and summer stipends, and makes recommendations to the provost regarding funding. Criteria and grant limits are specified in the document “Faculty Development Grant Program” that can be found online (Provost’s page).

· The Faculty Development Committee also evaluates applications for sabbatical leave and makes recommendations to the Provost regarding approval. Additional information about sabbatical leaves may be found on line (Provost’s page).

B. Reporting Lines

· Committee decisions are relayed by the Provost to President.

C. Meeting Times -At least four times per year

General Composition of Committee

A. Membership

The President, the Provost; Vice-Chair of Faculty Assembly; two faculty members from each school serving two-year staggered terms; the immediate Past Chair of the Committee; and the Director of Faculty Research. The President, the Provost, the Vice-Chair of Faculty Assembly, the Immediate Past Chair, and the Director of Faculty Research are ex officio.

B. If a person who is a member of the Committee or a related person of a member of the committee submits a proposal to the Committee, the member must recuse himself/herself from the Committee while the proposal is considered. A related person means the spouse or a parent or sibling of the spouse; a child sibling, parent or spouse of a child, sibling or parent of the committee member, or an individual having the same home as the committee member.

Minutes - None are kept; results of deliberations/grants reported to president.

Web Links - Provost’s page

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