Committee Charge


 Approved by Academic Council November 11, 2008


The purpose of the Enrollment Management Committee is to:

·         recommend admissions and scholarship criteria to the Academic Council , Graduate Council or other appropriate campus bodies;

·         provide guidance as requested by the director of admissions on individual admissions decisions;

·         recommend and carry out the admissions appeals process and as the admissions appeals committee;

·         recommend a process for financial aid awards that are appealed.


The enrollment management council will be composed of the vice president of enrollment management who shall serve as the chair, a faculty representative from each school elected by the faculty of the schools, a dean from one of the schools appointed by the provost, a representative from the Faculty Assembly, two students nominated by the student government association, the director of the academic support center, two staff members appointed by the vice president for student affairs, director of admissions, director of financial aid and director of enrollment management operations. 

Committee Members


Andrew Bressette, chair

Frank Stephenson (CSOB 2016-2018)

Victor Bissonnette (CSEHS 2016-2018)

Donna Childres (Director of Financial Aid)

TBD (FA REP 2017-2019)

Paul Neal (ESHASS 2017-2019)

Todd Brooks (Staff)

Brett Kennedy (Dir. of Admissions)

Tom Kennedy (Dean)

Tim Tarpley (Dir. of Operations for Enrl Mgmt)

Wilma Maynard (Dir. Academic Support Ctr)

Judy Wilson (SMNS 2017-2019)

Brian Erb, ex officio

Debbie Heida, ex officio

Mary Boyd, ex officio




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