Committee Charge

I.  Nature of Committee


            A.  Charge/Mission - The purpose of the Cultural Events Committee is twofold:

                  (1) to promote student exposure to cultural events beyond the classroom, and 
                  (2) determine which cultural events will carry Cultural Events credit.


            B.  Reporting Lines - Reports to provost


            C.  Meeting Times - Fourth Tuesday of each Month, 11 am


II. General Composition of Committee


           Staff  Coordinator of Cultural Events; faculty member from each school; one representative from Faculty Assembly; one at-large faculty member appointed by the provost; two students appointed by SGA; president, provost, and registrar are ex officio.


III. Minutes - Posted to Minutes page on vikingweb


IV. Web Link - Berry College Calendar of Events, on Berry College web page.

Committee Members

Will Donnelly, chair (FA REP 2019-2021)

Melissa Clarke (CSOB 2017-2019)

Angela Lanier (CSEHS 2017-2019) 

Anne Lewinson (ESHASS 2017-2019)

Jackie McDowell (Dean, CSEHS)

Pam Marples (SMNS 2018-2020)

Darla Fox - Staff Coordinator

Stephen Briggs, ex officio

Lindsey Taylor, ex officio

Cecily Crow, ex officio

Bryce Durbin, ex officio

Mary Boyd, ex officio

Holden Wynn, Student Rep (Junior)

Hannah Norman, Student Rep (Senior)

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