Committee Charge

I.  Nature of Committee


            A.  Charge/Mission - The goal of this committee is to bring scholars of national renown and interest to Berry College.


            B.  Reporting Lines - To president


            C.  Meeting Times - About once a month; called by the chair


II.  General Composition of Committee


            One faculty member from each school; one faculty representative from faculty assembly; ex officio are president, provost, and executive assistant to the president.


III.  Minutes - taken by a different member each meeting; posted on Intranet.

Committee Members

Susan Conradsen (CSEHS 2013-2015)

Vincent Gregoire (FA REP 2013-2015)

Kevin Hoke (SMNS 2012-2014)

Jeffrey Lidke (ESHASS 2013-2015)

Chang Pu (FA 2013-2015)

Stephen Briggs, ex officio

Alan Storey, ex officio

Kathy Richardson, ex officio

Megan Wilson, Student Rep

Ireka Canty, Student Rep
Ben Riggs, Student Rep 
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