Committee Charge

I.                   Committee Name: Center for Teaching Excellence Advisory Committee


II.                Mission: The purpose of the Center for Teaching Excellence Advisory Committee is to support the work of the CTE with regard to its mission, “The Center for Teaching Excellence exists to help foster an institutional culture that cultivates, supports, values, and rewards excellent teaching in the ever-present pursuit of educating our students’ heads, hearts, and hands.” 


III.             Membership Composition: The committee will consist of the President and Provost as ex officio members, the director of the Center for Teaching Excellence (ex officio), and eight faculty members.


IV.             Membership Selection

a.       Faculty.  Faculty will be elected by their respective schools, two per school.

b.      Terms. All members, except ex officio members, will serve two-year terms. Terms should be staggered so that one representative from each school ends a term each year and one continues.


V.                Chair.  The director of the Center for Teaching Excellence will convene the first meeting of the committee each September. At that time, the chair of the committee will be elected by the committee, from members, for a one-year term.


This document was created Sept. 24, 2009 by Mary Clement, serving as director of the CTE.  The 09-10 CTE Advisory Committee updated and approved the document on November, 10, 2009.

Committee Members

Stefanie Cash (FA REP 2017-2019)

Sarah Copeland (FA REP 2017-2019)

Kimberly Field-Springer (FA REP 2017-2019)

Anna Filippo (FA REP 2017-2018)

John Hickman (FA REP 2017-2018)

Matthew Lee (FA REP 2017-2019)

Lucia Llorente (FA REP 2017-2018)

Paul Neal (FA REP 2017-2018)

Stephen Briggs, ex officio

Mary Clement, ex officio

Mary K. Boyd, ex officio

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