Committee Charge

I.  Nature of Committee


            A.  Charge/Mission - The purpose of the Bonners Scholar Advisory Committee is to review the operations and effectiveness of the Bonners Scholars program at Berry, and to make recommendations for improvement.  The committee also selects new Bonner Scholars.


            B.  Reporting Lines - to the Bonner Foundation and the president


            C.  Meeting Times - meets several times per year


II. General Composition of Committee


            Appointed by Dean of Student Work.

Committee Members

Laurie Chandler, BSP Director, chair

Sarah Allred, Faculty

Louise Branham, Community Leader,Habitat for Humanity

Thomas Clark, Community Leader,Action Ministries Rome

Amanda Law, BSP Coordinator, exofficio

David Lillie, Peer Counselor

Amanda Main, Senior Intern (InternalOperations)

Marcia McConnell, Financial Aid, exofficio

Amanda Petersen, Peer Counselor

Kathy Richardson, ex officio

David Slade, Faculty

Tim Tarpley, Admissions, ex officio

Julee Tate, Faculty

Sharman Turner, Community Leader,NWGA American Red Cross

Lindsay Tutt, Admissions Liaison

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