Committee Members

Todd Brooks, Director of Athletics - Chair

Adekale Ande, Student

John Azar-Dickens (FA REP 2016-2018)

Lorenzo Canalis, Athletics

Kevin Grier, Student 

Debbie Heida, VP for Student Affairs

Eric McDowell, Faculty Athletic Rep

Hope Lovelady, Student

Ginger Swann, Athletics

Tina Bucher (FA REP 2017-2019)

Stephen Briggs, ex officio





Committee Charge

I.  Nature of Committee


            A.  Charge/Mission - The purpose of the Athletic Committee is to advise the director of athletics in all matters concerning intercollegiate athletics and intramurals.


            B.  Reporting Lines - vice-president of student affairs, chair; school and faculty assembly representatives report to respective bodies.


            C.  Meeting Times - 2 times per semester


II. General Composition of Committee


            Vice-president for Student Affairs is chair; two students appointed by SGA; one representative from Faculty Assembly; faculty representatives appointed by Vice-President for Student Affairs; ex-officio members are director of athletics, associate director of athletics, director of financial aid, and president.

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