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Multicultural Education (EDU 667)

Term: 2015-2016 Academic Year Spring Semester


Chang Pu
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Wed, 5:00 PM - 6:50 PM (1/11/2016 - 5/4/2016) Location: *MAIN COO 304


667. Multicultural Education 3-0-3
Examines multicultrual education through historical, sociiological, and philosophical foundations in the current literature on multicultural education (race, sex, ethnicity, religion, and gender issues in education). The course is designed to give students an opportunity to achieve an understanding and promotion of multicultural education and diversity in education, by developing an awareness of the implications and application of instruction and curriculum which demonstrate the obligation to respect, accept, adapt, and work in communion for all students' learning. 10 hours of observation and field experiences in schools and learning communities required. (Last updated 12/6/2011)